Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Is Jamb 2013 Form still on Sale? Jamb 2013/2014 Results to Be Released Soon....

It is suprising that most people are still wondering if jamb 2013/2014 form is still on sale. I was going through my posts and i saw someone who want to know if he can still purchase jamb 2013 form. Are you kidding me?
So is 2013 jamb form still on sale? the answer is a Capital NO. Jamb 2013 form stop selling on the 15th Of march 2013. So all interested candidate have no option than to wait until when jamb 2014/2015 form is on sale. We however give a full details about the Jamb examination and we wish all the candidates the best. The submission of Jamb 2013 form will end on the 24th march. All jambites should take note.

JAMB UTME 2013 e-Registration portal, Jamb 2013 Results Out

Welcome to UTME 2013 On-Line Registration. Registration for UTME 2013 has started. It is very important for you to read all instructions on each webpage while you are filling your jamb form as most of the problems could be averted just by reading instructions. Only registered Cafe will be able to fill the form. The process of Cafe registration is on the Registration Home Page. If you properly registered last year and supplied correct email then you would have received a new access code. If you are yet to get it, I suggest you go for a new registration.
We do not make changes to CyberCafe's record after submission. If there is any mistake, please go and re-register. Cafe registration will not be processed from this e-mail. Please send your teller to the right email enabled for the purpose. Please send your teller to utme2013@gmail.com ONLY If you're having problem connecting to Server, Please try again, it could be network Problem. We have 3 types of Examinations for JAMB-UTME 2013 namely: 1. Computer Based Test (CBT) - This test allows you to do your examination on the computer andget the result of your performance few hours after the examination. With this type of test, there will be no mass cancellation of results; there will be no incomplete results. Every facility that is available to Paper and Pencil will be available. It is soeasy.
2. Dual (Computer/Paper) Based Test (DBT) - This test allows you to read your test from the computer while you shade your answers on the answer sheet that will be provided by Jamb. With this type of test, there will be no mass cancellation of resultsbut cases of incomplete result are possible because you can onlybe scored based on what you have shaded. Every facility that is available to Paper and Pencil will be available.
3. Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) - This is traditional paper and pencil test. You are to register for one examination. It is illegal to register for more than one type of test. All results of multiple registrations Stay Updated: follow Us on Twitter and Facebook.